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Cooling Pipework

We can assist in the following:

Data room cooling Pipework
Injection moulding cooling Pipework
Cooling systems design.

We can install all pipework in either Stainless Steel Fully welded/Abs glued Pipework/Press fit Stainless/Copper.

84mm Stainless Steel pipework to feed 2 no chillers linked together to feed process. All complete in a two day shut down period.

154mm Flow and return pipework feeding 47 machines,2 no 28mm press fit mains cold water and Glycol filling pipework. Pipe bridge supplied and installed by AJC.

54mm Chiler Pipework

28mm Press fit Chiller re-circulation pipework to feed heat exchanger and a 28mm Flow and return re-circulation circuit around a Process tank at a food proccesing plant.

Chilled Water skid built in our facility and transported to site.